American Skylights

Hurricane Approved Commercial Skylights for All HVHZ Wind Zones

American Skylights is proud to offer hurricane rated skylights for use in all HVHZ wind zones. We have several options for hurricane rated commercial skylights depending on your needs and all of our hurricane rated units have Dade County NOA’s.

For lower HVHZ wind zone pressures our model DTCM 60 is designed to be installed on an existing curb or site-built curbs and can be used on a flat or sloped roof. The DTCM has a thermally broken extruded aluminum frame and retaining angle with integral condensation gutter to help reduce interior moisture and is rated for a 60 PSF design pressure.

For extreme HVHZ wind zone pressures our model Ameriforce-100 is designed to be installed on both an existing curb with our curb mount model DCM-100 or directly to the roof deck with our self-flashing commercial skylight model DSF-100 for easy installation. The Ameriforce-100 line is approved for 100 PSF design pressure for both positive and negative pressures.

All of our hurricane rated Dade County approved commercial skylights also meet the fall protection standards of OSHA. These units are available in bronze, white or clear polycarbonate in custom sizes and they are delivered with the same quick lead times as our other unit skylights.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY APPROVED – 100 psf + / – Design Pressure