American Skylights

Technical Commercial Skylights Specs & Options For Architects

American Skylights has been producing high quality custom commercial skylights for over 4 decades. We strive to make the process of specifying your desired products as easy as possible. We are proud to offer our Specwizard spec creator and trust you will find it to be a useful tool.

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Skylight Spec Creator


Quickly and easily write your own specifications for our custom commercial skylights using the ARCAT SpecWizard®. The SpecWizard takes the difficulty out of developing specs by guiding you through the various options for selecting and configuring our skylights.

Once you complete your skylight configuration, the SpecWizard assembles a specification in the CSI 3-Part Format and is then available to be downloaded to your project and office master files.

Launch the ARCAT SpecWizard® here or click on the SpecWizard logo wherever you see it on our website.

See how Spec Wizard Works on this You Tube Video.