American Skylights

Energy Efficient Skylight Solutions

American Skylights always strives to bring you the most energy efficient products available in the market. Most of the energy efficiency that you get from a skylight comes from the glazing but to really understand the total efficiency of a commercial skylight you must test the skylight as a whole.  That’s what American Skylights has done with its ASF 35 TCM unit.

We have tested a special IR blocking acrylic along with the impact resistance of polycarbonate to bring you a totally new and highly efficient commercial skylight.  We can now deliver solar heat gains as low as 0.35 and U-values of 0.50 in our thermally broken plastic units, depending on your needs. Show us your specification and we will show you how we can meet or exceed your expectations. Click here to learn more about our ASF-35 skylights

  • TCM double dome and triple dome
  • TSF-9 double dome and triple dome
  • TSF-12 double dome and triple dome