Fall Protection Rated Skylights


Fall protection requirements for skylights were established by OSHA to provide a safe working environment around roof openings and to limit falls from heights of six feet or more. OSHA regulation CFR 1910.23(e)(8) requires that skylight glazing or skylight screens be capable of withstanding a load of 200 pounds applied perpendicular at any one area of the screen or skylight.


American Skylights provides a variety of fall protection rated skylights that meets intent of OSHA criteria on selected models.

Our domed fall protection units are available in sizes up 32 square feet and formed pyramids up 36 square feet.

For larger size units, we manufacture fall protection screens, which are designed to straddle the skylight. Contact us, and we will be pleased to assist you in determining which application best meets your needs.


Model TCM-FG Model TSF-9-FG Model TSF-12-FG
Curb Mount Skylight
Curb Mount
9" Self Flashing Skylight
9" Self Flashing
12" Self Flashing Skylight
12" Self Flashing
Model Patriot Model CCM  
American Patriot Skylight

Circular Curb Mount